Junior Premier Outdoor League (JPOL)

UpdatedMonday January 21, 2019 byDaniel Mumm.

H2O is pleased to participate in the JPOL once again in the 2018-2019 season.  We will be registering U14, U16, and U19 teams in the league, and have historically performed very well.  As the reigning U19 Region 7 JPOL Champions for 2018, we will be defending our title this year!

For additional general information about Junior Premier Hockey, visit their webpage.

For specific schedule and game results information, visit the Junior Premier Hockey page at Altius.com:

(The below pages are still 2018.  We would expect the 2019 pages be up sometime around March)

JPOL registration includes 6 weekly practices (dates TBD) and participation for each player in a minimum of 3 JPOL dates (2 games per date for a total of 6 games minimum).  The league, and H2O, recognizes that many players will have conflicts with one or more event dates.  It is normal practice for each club to carry a large roster, and dynamically activate players in order to field teams on each date.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A DYNAMIC AND ONGOING ROSTERING EXCERCISE for each date, so patience and flexibility will be virtues.  Because of that, you will be required to read and accept a policy Consent during registration.

The detailed season schedules for all three age groups (i.e. specific game times and apponents) are expected shortly.  In the meantime, the play dates are known and are included in the online Schedule for our teams.

  • Sun, 4/14 (Garrison Forest)
  • Sat, 4/27 (Garrison Forest)
  • Sun, 4/28 (Garrison Forest)
  • Sat, 5/4 (University of Delaware)
  • Sun, 5/5 (University of Delaware)
  • Sun, 6/2 (Garrison Forest)