Racism Has No Place Here

A message from H2O Director, Janice Rhodes

UpdatedFriday June 5, 2020 byJanice Rhodes.

Over the past week we have all been alarmed as we witness the protests taking place across the nation over the heinous death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. To watch video of a human being in distress and struggling is mortifying; it cannot help but affect you in some way.  As we all struggle to make sense of what is going on all around us, we must understand that each and every one of us has the power to make a difference toward healing our community and our country.  

Racism, in any form, is not okay; it is not acceptable and has no place in our society. Whether or not you have seen it, experienced it, or heard about it …racism is very real and for some, it is part of their daily life.  H2O is committed to taking a stance against hatred, racism, and inequality.  In partnership with the United States Field Hockey Association, we stand in solidarity with the Black community and proudly promote diversity and inclusion.   

As an organization we are committed to working with our members, our field hockey community, and civic organizations to affect positive change and unity.  

Remember, change begins with YOU

‚Äč Janice Rhodes