2020 United Sports Summer 7s 7_25

UpdatedFriday July 24, 2020 byRandy Moreland.

Email from the vendor with CRITICAL Information:


his tournament is going to look a bit different than previous tournaments due to COVID.  This is the new world we live in and we are hoping you understand our scheduling and new rules put in place throughout the facility to keep EVERYONE on the premises safe.

Check-In: Check-in will occur 15 minutes prior to your first game. You WILL NOT be allowed on the field any earlier than 15 minutes prior to your first game.

Please come to the check-in table when you arrive. You can check in one or all of your teams when you arrive. We will be reminding you but if you could put the individual coach from each team on the top of the rosters that will help with contact tracing. See attached field map for reference.

  • All teams MUST check-in, no exceptions! We will be enforcing the forfeit rule if you do not check in your team. Now more than ever it is extremely important to check and recheck your rosters to make sure EVERYONE on your team is accounted for.

Schedule: See attached. The schedule is being played back-to-back for every single age group. The schedule should not be changed; however, we reserve the right to change the schedule at any time. We have built in a 10-minute gap between games to debrief and refuel. This will help with traffic flow and lowering the number of participants on the field at one time. There is also a 1-hour gap built in after the final game of each age group to allow enough time to clear the fields and get the next group of teams in place.

  • One note for U19 Pineapple-There is a TBD team holding a place for a team I am waiting on reply for. The only way that this will change the schedule is removing one set of games so it will end earlier than noted on the current schedule. I will be sending out an update if the team is not going to compete in the tournament.

Rules: The field hockey specific rules are attached. Please review.

RestrictionsUnited Sports has a few restrictions entering this weekend. These are EXTREMELY important to follow so our facility can stay open. I ask that you please forward these rules to everyone on your team so no one is surprised on tournament day.

Some of the more important restrictions to note include:

  • 1 Spectator PER player. This means only ONE spectator will be allowed per player. This includes parents, children, grandparents, guardians, and friends. 1 of any the mentioned patrons will be allowed to come with each player. For example, 1 player = 1 spectator, a parent OR child OR grandparent OR guardian OR friend. We have security on site who will be checking cars and will turn away cars with too many people. Those people will be allowed to drop off their player and exit the facility and can return with the proper number of spectators per player.
  • All spectators will be REQUIRED to wear masks, even when "socially distancing." Players are required to put masks back on between games (buffers will be given to catch breath and grab drinks/snacks). Coaches are required to wear masks on the sideline.
  • All participants are expected to clear the fields 20 minutes after their final game. This includes cleaning up your area of water bottles, food wrappers, masks etc. to limit cross contamination.

Food/Beverage: There will be water, Gatorade, and snacks available for purchase on site. I do, however, recommend bringing your own water, snacks, and food options as our selection is extremely limited. There will be a Kona Ice truck at the facility that I HIGHLY recommend 😊



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