H2O Introduces College Recruiting Services

Experienced College Recruiting Support

UpdatedMonday November 9, 2020 byJanice Rhodes.

H2O has officially introduced College Recruiting Support Services (CRSS) as part of our offerings!  Navigating the college recruiting process can be daunting; it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to begin.  Over the past few years the number of college recruiting service companies have increased significantly with many offering expert web portals with lots of bells and whistles, professionally crafted videos highlighting game footage and drills, all while promising access to DI, DII, and DIII college coaches.  With so much information available for free on-line, parents and players are provided with great tools to help navigate through the process.  Still, many families pay upwards of $650 annually to retain recruiting support. 

At H2O CRSS you won't find any bells or whistles!  What we offer is proactive advocacy of our players to the collegiate coaching community including Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Volunteer Coaches to ensure our players are seen and seriously considered for a given program.  As longtime members of the Club field hockey and collegiate coaching communities, our credibility and reputation for realistically assessing talent and appropriately aligning talent with collegiate programs is exceptional.  We have built long-term relationships within the field hockey community and have garnered a strong reputation for developing future collegiate field hockey athletes. 

H2O CRSS' offerings include, but are not limited to:  

  • Proactive advocacy directly with collegiate coaches on a player's behalf
  • Expert advise from parents and players who have successfully navigated through the process and can share real-life experiences
  • Expert advise from current collegiate coaches on the recruiting process
  • Honest assessment of a player's ability to play at the next level and alignment on what level(s) match their talent
  • Coaching on how to successfully prepare for and interview with a collegiate coach 
  • Advise on factors to consider when selecting the right school
  • And much more!

H2O CRSS is open to H2O and non-H2O members.  Our objective is to assist all players requesting help navigating through the college recruting process regardless of Club affiliation.  The cost associated with H2O CRSS is $325/annually for H2O members and $500/annually for non-H2O members.

If interested, please register on our website by completing the following:

  • Click on the "Registration Now Open" banner at the top of the H2O website
  • Create/Sign in to SI Place account
  • Click on "Register to Play/Participate"
  • Click on "Register as Participant"
  • Click on "2020 College Recruiting Support Services"

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Rhodes at janice.rhodes@h2ofieldhockey.com or call/text 443-617-3539



"The recruiting process can be daunting.  Unless you have someone who fully understands the process, it can also be frustrating and draining. Having the perspective of both a coach and parent of former D1 players, Janice has every aspect covered.  As long as you put the work in, she will get you to the best possible place for your daughter.  Her guidance is invaluable!"  ~ Toni-Jean Friedman, daughters Nathalie (Wake) and Pyper (William and Mary)

"I was extremely fortunate to have both Coach Janice and Cait by my side throughout the recruiting process.  My junior year I decommited from a DI program and that same night both were helping me reach out to different coaches.  They definintely prioritized my situation and I visited five schools within the next two weeks.  Coach Janice and Cait played a huge role in my recruiting process and I have them to thank for helping me find my dream school!"  ~ Rachel Borzymowski, Boston University

"I can’t thank Coach Janice enough for all of the hard work that she put in to helping me get recruited by Wake Forest.  It all started very early when she began coaching me.  She tweaked certain aspects of my game to highlight what I needed in order to fulfill my dream of playing D1 hockey.  I have to say, though, that it doesn’t matter what level you want to play.  Figuring that out is part of the process, as she told me. Once you decide, Coach Janice will be honest with you where she thinks you will fit in.  She knows almost every coach, it seems, and has an amazing network of people.  She let me know how important it was to attend recruiting tournaments and to pursue Futures, where coaches spend a lot of time watching potential talent.  I was lucky to have received a lot of attention. Coach Janice spent so much time (while working full time as an executive) e-mailing and calling coaches for me.  I will always be grateful for her guidance, persistence and time."  ~ Nathalie Friedman, Wake Forest University

"Coach Caitlin to me was not only my recruting mentor and Coach, she was my role model on and off the field.  I remember my first meeting with her about collegiate field hockey at Panera.  i had no clue where to even begin.  She used her expertise in all things college field hockey and her complete knowledge of who I am as a player and a person to help me confidnetly commit to Salisbury University.  College field hcokey will be a great experience, but there is so much more to the college you choose than the field hockey program.  This is why I am so, so, SO thankful Caitlin took the years she did to know who I am so I wouldn't just be making the correct decision for field hockey, but the right decision for college life and academics.  My best memories of high school field hockey and the college field hockey memories soon to be made are all thanks to her!  ~ Julia Frankis, Salisbury University