H2O Coaching Staff

Updated for 2019-2020 Season

UpdatedFriday January 21, 2022 byDaniel Mumm.


Head Coaches:  Sabrina Rhodes and Jason Mulder – As Head Coaches Sabrina and Jason have purview over all age groups and are responsible for the design, standardization, and implementation of H2O’s overarching defensive systems, offensive systems, and corner strategies.  They are responsible for establishing a baseline of practice drills and approaches from which Team Coaches will build and tailor as appropriate.  As Head Coaches, Sabrina and Jason are also able to mentor, advise and provide guidance to Team Coaches as needed. 

Head Goalie Coach:  Jason Mulder – As Head Goalie Coach Jason has purview over goalies across all age groups and is responsible for goalie specific training of H2O goalies.  Sydney is responsible for planning, organizing and executing weekly goalie sessions and implementing standardized goalie techniques and strategies across all age groups.  Jason is responsible for evaluating goalie progress in game situations throughout the season and will work closely with Team Coaches to ensure goalies continue to develop and grow throughout the season.

Team Coaches:  Team coaches are responsible for the overall administrative management, player management, and coaching of their team players.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, conducting practices, recording player attendance at practice and tournaments, reinforcing systems and strategies introduced by Head Coach, team communication regarding tournaments, communicating tournament results and areas for improvement to Head Coach. 

U-10 Pink – Janice Rhodes U-16 Pink – Sabrina Rhodes
U-12 Pink – Kelsey Lovelace U-16 Blue –  Kelsey Lovelace
U-12 Blue – Olivia Beachley U-16 Silver – Hannah Obyrck
U12 Silver - Georgia Beachley U-16 Gold - Natalie Hack
U12 Gold - Annie Keele U-19 Pink - Jackie Cummings
U-14 Pink – Baily Kerr U-19 Blue – Katie McNeel
U-14 Blue – Nicole Welsch U-19 Silver– Julia DeLuca
U-14 Silver – Sam Aljets  
U-14 Gold - Alexis Loder