Our Past, Present, and Future

UpdatedTuesday May 5, 2020 byDaniel Mumm.

H2O was founded in 2002 by Natalie Magdeburger - spinning off from the Bel Air Recreation FH Program. Her goal was simple: she wanted to provide opportunities for young girls to play field hockey year round and grow and develop the field hockey talent in Harford County. What started as a one team program quickly grew into 4 age divisions with 2 teams in each age group.

For 8 years Natalie built the H2O program on the foundation of what she called “The Triangle of Trust”. "Trust your teammates; Trust your coaches; Trust yourself", she would always say. She also coined the phrase “One team. One goal. H2O!” which can still be heard in team cheers across our age groups. For the past 10 years our newest leadership has tried to maintain the guiding principles Natalie established when she founded this great organization we call H2O!

H2O has grown significantly over the years; both in talent and in depth. Our national ranking has skyrocketed and we are regarded as one of the strongest clubs in the Nation. Today, we continue our tradition of strong indoor teams, and have aggressively developed our outdoor season to become a true year-round program.